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September 7, 2007


Truths on the tube – what Marco Pierre White has to do with Atonement

by quaesitor


Taken last night on the tube on my phone – hence the rubbish quality. But rather a classic juxtaposition, don’t you think

On the left we have an advert for yet another grim, celeb chef programme on the TV – Hell’s kitchen. I was taking a photo of it anyway as an example of crass but speaks-truer-than-it-knows advertising. It was then that a friend, Charmaine Muir, noticed what the next ad along the wall was for – the new film Atonement. One of the press descriptions of the film said that it was ‘a revelation’.

Well the combination of ads certainly was that – and it added up to more than the sum of its parts – and to think that it was all on the wall of St Paul’s tube station. I suspect the apostle would be quite impressed.

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see…


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  1. drfrank
    Sep 8 2007

    Funny, there must be something going on… Seems like you’re not the only one experiencing coincidences with posters on the underground – came across this blog post by chance (or something):

  2. Sep 8 2007

    Weird. I noticed a very similar “coincidence” in the subway in New York. That space is prime advertising and costs a pretty bit. Ad positioning and cross-marketing only helps to bolster sales. And I’ve no doubt certain ideas are being sold in conjunction with the “shows” in the ads themselves.

    Thanks again for checking out my site. Now I know yours. And it looks great!


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