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September 11, 2007


A remarkable work in Afghanistan

by quaesitor

Quite a bolt from the blue to find the BBC reporting this sort of thing – but good on them. A remarkable report about some old friends, Alex and Eleanor, working in NE Afghanistan doing medical work. What a powerful example they are – courageous and compassionate. There is a whole article about them on the BBC website, as well an item on the BBC1 1pm & 6pm News. Amazing.

Read the whole article: Doctor on call in Afghanistan

Watch the news report


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  1. RAkhtar
    Sep 30 2007

    I jave just watched BBC News 24’s programme, Our World: a country practice, which featured Doctor Duncan and his work and I must say i was truly touched by the story of this very enlightened and great man and his equally enlightened wife. The Doctor and his wife are the perfect example of a good human beings and what is good about Britain and the west and his selfless work in Afghanistan is an inspiration to us all. I wish him and his family all the best may Allah bless them.

  2. Gunther Dancu
    Sep 30 2007

    It was very touching to watch the Duncan family on BBC News 24 Channel.
    They sacrifice so much in order to help the poor people of Afganistan.
    I am sure that it is very fulfilling to do this and I am also sure that they will be greatly rewarded for it.
    God may bless them and help them in every way.
    I would be greatfull if you could help me to contact them somehow.

    Oct 25 2007

    They are great British people,best people in this world…please help me to get in touch with them,so that I can help Duncan family.
    GOD bless them in thier way.

  4. Oct 28 2007

    hi ABDULLA
    See the link on my post from 1st Oct to get contact details

  5. Karen
    Dec 29 2007

    I came across the programme last night about the Duncan family in Afganistan and sat glued to the television. I found it to be just Brilliant that Dr Alex and his wife
    have put everything aside to go out to this area and live with the people and help them, they seem to be a great family . What a great way of life too….
    how rewarding it must be to do something like that ..once in a lifetime chance
    to give such a great deal back to the people of this area.
    very well done, hope all continues to go well and lots of luck and love to you all…


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