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February 7, 2008


The hors d’oeuvre – I’ll settle for that

by quaesitor
theologynet.jpgI know, there has been a temporary hiatus in transmission in recent days – due to being in the ancient Albanian seaside town of Durrës this week for a Langham conference (more on that in another post) and therefore on an enforced web-fast. I’m only just getting over the cold turkey now.


But in case, dear reader, you’ve not heard the news, do check out the new Theology Network site, set up by UCCF. It is a fantastic resource, on the lines of their equally excellent BeThinking website. It also has the stamp of Mike Reeves sense of humour all over it… which I suppose is a bonus.


But I was tickled by their book recommendations on the theology of the cross. They plugged my own book (for which I’m of course very grateful, and fits conveniently with my general agenda of ruthless self-promotion – after all, why else write a blog?). I’ve heard Cross-Examined described in many ways – at Word Alive a couple of year’s ago, it was described as the GCSE (that’s “O level” to those of my generation) version to John Stott’s A Level Cross of Christ. But on Theology Network it is described as The Perfect Hors d’oeuvre to Stott’s Unmissable Main Course. Well, that’s cool. And I certainly wouldn’t object to that (although Uncle John might have the odd concern).


But my main purpose in writing this post is an attempt to assuage the wrath of Reeves & Hames for my abject failure in writing the introductory article on the cross. I hope that by doing a major plug of the website, it may help.


But seriously though – I think this is a fantastic resource – and it deserves to be (and I’m sure it will be) greatly used all over the world. Good on ya, chaps.


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  1. Adam
    Feb 8 2008

    If you think the book is good, you should check out the study guide. First class.

  2. Ross
    Feb 8 2008

    I can’t comment on the new website yet as I have not checked it out. However, regarding your recent visit to Albania, I was wondering, were the people who were locked up in underground prisons in the town you visited being “held under Durres”?

  3. Ros
    Feb 9 2008

    It does seem to suffer from the same fault as all UCCF sponsored websites – complete anonymity. Names on the articles, of course, but none on the blog and no one taking responsibility for the site overall. I like to know who I’m dealing with.

  4. Feb 9 2008

    Is that such a problem Ros? After all, it as an organisation-sponsored website (and UCCF makes it pretty clear what it stands for)… Or are you just being nosy?

  5. Feb 10 2008

    I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but I think it was I who referred in the Word Alive book review “Star Books” to Cross Examined as GSCE level & Stott’s as A-level. I certainly didn’t mean it to be derogatory, so apologies if it was taken that way. I think the book is outstanding & recommend it whenever I can.

    I was getting at the fact that so few Christians read & even fewer Christian students read, so since that is the case, I think yours is far more accessible for most.

    Every blessing with your writing & ministry. Shall I write the Ladybird version of it (complete with pictures & Peter & Jane to aid the style)?


  6. Feb 10 2008

    Hey Ben – no worries IN THE SLIGHTEST – i was amused and just chuffed it made an appearance on the same list as Uncle John’s!! So absolutely NO apologies necessary for it whatsoever!!
    Ladybird version would be very handy for our kids – so why not!!

  7. Feb 11 2008

    Wrath assuaged. Temporarily ;o)

    Ros- it’s because we are all actually machines!

  8. Tom Price
    Feb 19 2008

    Did you ever read about the machine called “Tom and Mark” that signed the bottom of the bethinking monthly email for 2 years?
    Tom Price
    Now Assimilated Founding Editor of bethinking


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