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May 10, 2008


Miriam & Jez on cracking form at the Perseverance

by quaesitor

Had the deep joy last night to get to hear my bro-in-law Jez supporting his über-talented wife Miriam (Jones) at their Perseverance pub gig. I’ve posted about Miriam before but the really exciting news is:

  • You can watch some of her previous sets online, and hopefully last night’s should appear there as well (click the photo I took last night right)
  • Even better, you can actually download her first album Sign & Semblance FOR FREE!! How awesome is that! Go to Miriam’s reverbnation page – and become a fan. [Do that by signing up to Reverbnation (it’s painless and free) and then download the songs that are available to you to download for free.] What’s not to like?
  • Then if you like what you hear, you can buy the 2nd album Being Here on iTunes (for only £7.90). For those who bump into me in real time and space, I also have a few CDs available at home (for £10). You know it makes sense.



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  1. Bob Jones
    May 13 2008

    Dear Mark,
    Thanks for hyping our daughter Miriam and her pianist (can’t ever remember his name…lovely chap I hear.) I trust that your publicity efforts will eventually enable her to support her impoverished parents in a manner to which they are NOT accustomed in their sunset years. I hope to thank you in person at some point. (Another Jones child, son Zak will probably show up on your doorstep with his wife Tera at some point this fall. )

  2. May 14 2008

    Mark, you’re an allstar. And holy, WordPress is amazing.
    love Miriam

  3. May 16 2008

    We love you all… Oh, and by the way Bob, that pianist you refer to is known to his sisters simply as ‘the petal’ on account of his very delicate personage. Jez, how DO you survive??? xxxx


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