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June 10, 2008

Ugandan (in)justice & US presidentials – and what people are doing about it…

by quaesitor

Two very interesting articles to point you to…

Peter May has written an article about the work of the UCLF (Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity):

Uganda cries out for justice.

Knowing both the Prices and some of the other folks involved in the UCLF, it is great to hear how things are going, building on previous work and taking things forward in what is a very difficult situation.

And while we’re on the topic of social and political involvement, I’ve just finished reading a really helpful article about who to vote for in elections in Christianity Today (although, of course, the focus is very much the American presidentials). There is a lot of wisdom here:

How to Pick A President (Why Virtue Trumps Policy) by Daniel Taylor and Mark McCloskey

Especially helpful was the exploration of the relationship between the classical virtues of prudence/practical wisdom, justice/fairness, fortitude/courage and temperance/moderation and the Christian ideals of faith, hope and love. Mediaeval scholars embraced all seven of these as what they termed the cardinal virtues. The article is full of political realism and good sense, without appearing (to an outsider at least) too partisan. Anyone in leadership (of any sort) would do well to learn from this stuff, I’d have thought.


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