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September 9, 2008


preaching role models – look and learn…

by quaesitor

All preachers need role models to learn from…

Look and learn. Note the following:

  • the confidence to ‘own’ the whole of the stage by walking its length
  • the ability to engage with all corners of the audience
  • the ability to sustain interest throughout the message
  • the ability to give the audience what they want
  • the ability to vary the intensity and volume of what’s being said
  • the ability to give the audience what they want, without actually saying anything of substance at all

I can’t imagine where this young prodigy learned his craft…


Oh and by the way – i’ve just noticed that this is my 300th post. So that’s nice…

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  1. Jo
    Sep 9 2008

    Sounds and looks like a young Ian Paisley!

  2. David Todd
    Sep 12 2008

    Hi Mark,

    apologies for the roundabout way of contacting you, Ian Groom at Fulwood wanted your email address, his son is coming to study at RCM and he wanted to put him in touch with you, if you had Ben’s email address as well that would be great. Hope you’re well mate.


  3. Melinda
    Sep 12 2008

    I think this is the scariest thing I have seen in a long time. Seriously. Even scarier than Sarah Palin’s speech.


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