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September 28, 2008


The World Church: bet you didn’t know this stuff, though…

by quaesitor

This is total plagiarism, i confess. But here are some pretty interesting stats here taken from a flyer for the International Bulletin of Missionary Research. How many can you get? Scroll down to get the answers…

  1. Total number of Christian denominations worldwide?
  2. % of world’s 6.6 billion people who call themselves Christian?
  3. Ratio of ‘white’ to ‘non-white’ Christians?
  4. Number of evangelical Christians in the world?
  5. Number of languages worldwide with at least a portion of Scripture translated?
  6. Number of women in full-time Christian ministry around the world?
  7. Number of Christian foreign missionaries deployed worldwide?
  8. The 6 countries that receive the greatest number of foreign missionaries?
  9. Number of Roman Catholic parishes in Africa and in Europe (in 2004)?
  10. Number of Africans serving as foreign missionaries on other continents?



  1. 37,000
  2. 31.4% = 2.2 billion
  3. 44% are white, 56% are non-white
  4. 259 million
  5. 2,238
  6. 4.4 million
  7. 443,000 in 4340 agencies
  8. 1st: USA (35,100); 2nd: Brazil (26,400); 3rd: Russia (20,100); 4th: France (16,900); 5th: Britain (15,800); 6th: D.R.Congo (15,800)
  9. 12,212 in Africa; 125,337 in Europe
  10. Almost 19,000

Quite a few surprises there, I’m sure you’d agree. And the results for no 8 are simply extraordinary.

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  1. David Todd
    Sep 29 2008

    No. 8 is staggering! Interesting that God would call most missionaries to a wealthy part of the world, that is lovely to live in and is already relatively well reached with the gospel!!??!!

  2. Ros
    Sep 29 2008

    I guessed the US and the UK for #8 – I think I’d seen a similar statistic before.

    I was shocked by #1 and surprised by #3. I was expecting the ratio of white to non-white to be around 1:3, just because of the huge populations in non-white countries.


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