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October 17, 2008


Revelation unWrapped on iTunes

by quaesitor

Yes, I know the title is unoriginal – John Richardson’s excellent introduction to the Book of Revelation was, I think, the first one to use it – but it’s so clever that it seemed a waste not to nick it.

But anyway – thanks to the hard work of Fiona in the All Souls audio centre, here are the talks from a 4-week course done at All Souls last summer.

Download it as an iTunes podcast HERE. For those interested, this is how I broke the book up.

  1. Meeting with the Heavenly Jesus (Rev 1)
  2. Living with the Worldly Church (Rev 2-3)
  3. Rejoicing with the Heavenly Church (Rev 5)
  4. Enduring the Cosmic Cycles (Rev 6-19)
  5. Conquering the Cosmic Fraudster (Rev 6-19)
  6. Millennium Mania (Rev 20)
  7. Awaiting the Descending City (Rev 21-22)

I suspect that devotees of various millennial position will be frustrated by the inevitably cursory nature of this survey – after all it was done in less than 40 minutes (in session 6). But ho hum. The key thing was to avoid getting bogged down by details in order to get a sense of the whole book.

Here are the handouts:

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