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October 21, 2008


don’t you just love the word ‘probably’

by quaesitor

It’s all a bit of a gag, i think. The bloggers have blogged and columnists columned (eg Ariane Sherine, whose idea it was and Ruth Gledhill). And Richard Dawkins is doubling the money raised. Good for them, I say.
But what i love is the use of the word ‘probably’.

Carlsberg had made it their very own (HT ads of the world):

It sounds so reasonable and humble. But it is a façade. Carlsberg were only saying probably because they have to. After all, how do you PROVE that Carlsberg is the best lager in the world. But despite their tongues being firmly rooted in their cheeks, of course they believe it is. Which is fine.

So the bendy-buses are to parade atheism, after the Christians parade the Christmas story. And that’s great. I have no problem with anyone advertising their worldviews on buses. That’s what democracy and free speech are all about. I just love the use of the word ‘probably’. Because it’s quite hard to enjoy life in this way, when there is the scintilla of doubt…

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  1. Pete
    Oct 22 2008

    Same difference ,you live in doubt either way .Unless there is any suggestion of real proof of god/s ?.

    I saw another blog with a moan about the money raised for this , suggested to be about 42,000 .And the blooger said how sad it was none of the money would go to charity ,either he has inside knowledge or maybe its his world view of Atheists taking over.Because maybe at some stage some money will be donated .It cant be said that all money collected in religious places goes to charity can it .

    Why is judgement made in this world with religion having to have the upper sense of morality.

    Because of one or two men like Hitler?

    What a complete farse .

    Go the atheist bus quotes ! the world needs them .

  2. Oct 22 2008

    interesting the first thing to go would be “worrying”, and the first thing to start doing would be “enjoying”.

    what a tragedy the church has been for so many.

  3. David Todd
    Oct 22 2008

    Have you seen the ‘wonder room’ there seems little ‘probably’ in what they’re offering

    thanks for the ‘probably’ stuff I may use it in a sermon this Sunday if that’s ok

  4. Oct 23 2008

    I don’t wonder if the “probably” thing isn’t an expression of doubt, but a slightly sarcastic false humility “Obviously there is no God, but we’re going to say ‘probably’ because it sounds a bit better’.

    Rather despairy the whole affair though, not that the it’s allowed to happen, obviously free speech and all that, and if they want to say it well on their head, but despair that people are actually so taken by an idea and think it’s so great.

  5. Oct 23 2008

    yea – i think that’s the reason i tied it in with the Carlsberg ad…

    But i wouldn’t worry too much about it – i’m pretty sure the whole thing will backfire. I think it will get God onto the agenda like nothing else could!

  6. Oct 23 2008

    Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, reserves the right to reveal Himself only according to His independent will. I count myself least qualified among the many who have directly seen Him in His personal form. There is no question of “probably.”

  7. Raquel
    Oct 24 2008

    Just two questions:
    – People are talking an awful lot more about God than before. Whatever the intention of the “probably” was, it leads people to wonder “but what if…” How can I stop worrying now?
    – Why would anyone spend so much money, effort and indeed a whole life to prove the non-existence of anyone? If God does not exist, maybe Dawkins should stop worrying and enjoy his life…

  8. Oct 24 2008

    Too right, Raquel.
    Interestingly, i’ve just seen that Theos, the Christian think tank, have contributed £50 to the campaign for precisely the same reason – it gets people talking!

  9. Oct 24 2008

    Ian Hislop made a similar point just now on HIGNFY

    “indecisive atheists” he called them


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