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December 1, 2008

Q marks the Spot – Treasure Map 3 (Dec 2008)

by quaesitor

Sacred Treasure

  • Michael Jensen recently sent me his new book YOU: An INTRODUCTION (published by Good Book Co). It’s a short, quirky number but i enjoyed it! It’s arranged like a blog (and I think it started life as such), with posts on a range of things to do with being human, in a more or less logical order, with comments and feedback at the end of each chapter. Definitely lendable and giveable – lots of nice insights.
  • Great Advent Calendar from IVP!
  • Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible – offered by XXXChurch – an extraordinary but wonderful work reaching out to the billion-dollar porn industry in the USA. Somebody’s got to do it, but few could ever be trusted to do it.
  • Various other (?gimmicky) Bibles on offer – but hey, the BBC is talking about the Bible and not being too snooty about it. And you’ve got to hand it to the guys who do this…

Topical Treasure

  • The Newseum – a fantastic resource for visual aids which i’ve used on more than one occasion. It is simply an archive of newspaper front pages from all over the world, searchable by major events in recent history.

Quirky Treasure

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