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January 22, 2009


God is black – what Obama owes to James Earl Jones

by quaesitor

Great article by Michael Kinsley in this week’s Time magazine about the voice of God (“VOG”). He used to have a British accent – but no longer. He has an African American accent, apparently. And is usually either James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman. And that’s one of the things that helped Obama win in 2009. Read and enjoy.
Here is an excerpt:

Brits and pseudo-Brits, in sum, have lost [the VOG] franchise. If you’re a casting director looking for a voice whose very timbre communicates authority, dignity, power, you might even go to Queen Latifah before you resort to Jeremy Irons. The reasons aren’t hard to speculate about. The roots of this development go back at least to the 1930s and Paul Robeson’s singing “Ol’ Man River” inShowboat. The therapeutic notion that suffering confers dignity and authority has spread just as the suffering of African Americans over generations has become universally acknowledged. Above all, black American ministers have replaced British politicians, at least in perception, as the world’s most eloquent public users of the English language. Our homegrown Martin Luther King Jr. has knocked Winston Churchill off his perch as the ideal.

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  1. danmihalache
    Jan 23 2009

    What God wants God gets

    God wants silver
    God wants gold
    God wants his secret never to be told
    God wants gigolos
    God wants giraffes
    God wants politics
    God wants a good laugh

    What God wants God gets God help us all
    What God wants God gets

    God wants friendship
    God wants fame
    God wants credit
    God wants blame
    God wants poverty
    God wants wealth
    God wants insurance
    God wants to cover himself
    (Roger Waters)


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