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February 20, 2009


What are friends for? Ecclesia Reformanda

by quaesitor

What are friends for if not to scratch one another’s backs.

So here is a new development to bring to your attention, as requested by Ros Clarke:

Here is the official blurb:

Welcome to Ecclesia Reformanda

Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est: ‘the reformed Church is always being reformed’.

Ecclesia Reformanda is a new journal for pastors, theological students, and scholars, that seeks to serve the Church in its ongoing reformation according to God’s Word. The editorial board believes that historic Reformed theology offers the best expression of the theology of Scripture, and so the journal is confessionally Reformed. However, a genuinely Reformed theology is always looking for God to shed new light on his Church from his Word. It is therefore always reforming.

Ecclesia Reformanda is distinctively Reformed, with a contemporary cutting edge. It presents some of the best in British Reformed thinking and writing to serve the Church, her teachers, and her Lord.

The Editorial from volume 1, number 1, is reproduced on the website.

The journal covers all of the theological subdisciplines, and early issues will include articles on intertextuality in Romans 2, poetry in James, the place of children in the new covenant according to Jeremiah 32, Jim Jordan’s hermeneutics, Herman Bavinck’s theological method, and John Owen’s doctrine of justification. Future editions will contain articles on ethics, public theology, and pastoral counselling. Editorial Board: Matthew Mason, Ros Clarke, Neil Jeffers, and David Field.

Hope it goes well, chaps.

Only catch is that you have to pay for it – £15 a year for 2 issues. Oh, and i think they need a better logo… But apart from that, all looks very stimulating…

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  1. Feb 20 2009

    Yeh, shame it’s not a freebie site… hard to know if anyone will pay, though it looks quality.

  2. Ros
    Feb 20 2009

    I can confirm that some people have already coughed up their cash! I should make it clear that it is a print journal, not online, so there are production costs that have to be covered. The subscription is, I think, pretty good value compared with other similar journals.

  3. Jim
    Jul 7 2009

    Where is that Latin line–Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est–from? Did it originate with the Reformers or earlier?


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