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February 27, 2009


U2’s BBC rooftop gig

by quaesitor

Awesome. U2 live for free!!

Having picked up news yesterday that U2 were going to be doing a live gig on the BBC roof (as part of today’s BBC U2 day), there was great excitement in our household. So a handful of us on the staff were able to go onto the All Souls roof and probably had the best seats in the house/world.

The performed 4 songs:

From No Line on the Horizon: 

  • Get on your boots
  • Magnificent

More recent faves:

  • Vertigo (well they had to, really, didn’t they)
  • Beautiful Day

Regent St was stacked full of crowds – the police closed it off while they performed.  But despite starting much later than we’d been told, it was very good humoured and positive. What a buzz!

Click on the photos for more snaps. For more info and video clips, go to the BBC here.

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  1. Sam Allberry
    Feb 28 2009

    As soon as I saw they’d played atop the Beeb, I wondered if you would have managed to scamper up onto the All Souls roof. Glad to hear you got to see it all close hand. Now I just need the Police to perform on top of Sainsbury’s in Maidenhead…

  2. Feb 28 2009

    Really pleased for you Mark. Have you seen Bono’s interview with Bill Hybels

    … so did you pop over and ask him if he’d like to be interviewed in church on Sunday?
    Would you like the gig on a DVD in decent quality? or do you have it already?

  3. Andrew
    Feb 28 2009

    Like Sam, all I thought about when I heard when I heard U2 were playing was I hope Mark was there! Having seen the fantastic photos I see you were not only there but seem to have the best seats – and you got to see their faces unilike Chris Evans! Sam, we saw the police yesterday – but sadly they were only kicking the teenagers out of the park!

  4. phil
    Feb 28 2009

    the bbc just grew up u2 were awesome


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