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January 1, 2010


Q marks the spot – Treasure Map 16 (January 2010)

by quaesitor


Here are some great links to start the year with

Sacred Treasure

Topical Treasure

Quirky Treasure

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  1. Jan 3 2010

    The stripping vicar’s wife is a cautionary tale to us all. I would undoubtedly have blogged on that if I’d seen it! But surely its a dodgy way to demonstrate the risk of judging people – the risk is simply about misleading people, or getting the wrong end of the stick. Mouse recommends Hookers For Jesus if you want to really challenge your preconceptions about people.

  2. Jan 4 2010

    Too true, CM, too true.
    thanks for the recommendation and Happy New Year!

  3. Ross
    Jan 4 2010

    For those interested in putting some flesh on the bones of the maps in this post and getting a better understanding of why tackling inequality is very important (from a practical as well as theological point of view) I can recomend The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.

  4. Jan 5 2010

    Thanks for the tip, Ross


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