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December 17, 2010


An rich and powerful advent prayer

by quaesitor

It doesn’t happen often but last Sunday, one of our church stalwarts, Robert Willcox, led our corporate prayers so well that I thought they were worth reproducing here. Great stuff. Wouldn’t have been out of place in The Valley of Vision.

We come together humbly to the Lord of Glory and the Prince of Peace.
Lord Jesus Christ, Creator, Author, and Redeemer, we pray that our few concentrated minutes consciously in your presence would please you and humble us.

We acknowledge you as Creator, who precedes and sustains everything
– as Visitor in Bethlehem who is truly adorable
– as Author not of fairy tales but of reality
– as Redeemer who dies to make us whole

So, convince us that this Christmas news is the best news ever
– that though you are high yet you are lowly
– that though you are defined by eternity yet you are couched in humanity
– that though you are cramped in obscurity yet your glory is for all who have eyes to see

Convince us
– that our freedom is born in a stable and secured at the Cross
– that all other supposed solutions are false avenues in the light of your beauty and grace
– that our very life depends on you

Refresh our hearts in wonder and loose our tongues in songs of joy
We worship you afresh
Lord of Glory and Prince of Peace

Our living God is not remote, uncaring or idle
but who is engaging, outgoing and active
We, His people are called to be like Him
Let’s pray that we may reflect Him more accurately

Lead us your people to shine in the mess of the world
Lead us in humble service
Lead us in courageous abandonment of life and reputation

Strengthen our mission partners all over the world
We pray for all in danger or hardship that they may be renewed in courage, faith and hope.

And we pray for the multifaceted nature of our church here in London,
that we might be filled with His energy, His love and His humility.
So make the stable our context and the real world our activity centre.
Lord of Glory, Prince of Peace
Hear our prayers

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  1. Rosie Knowles
    Dec 17 2010

    indeed – this is wonderful – and so nice to read as few of the corporate prayers at fulwood are written out for people like me – they do transcripts of their sermons for me which is fab!

  2. Dec 21 2010

    Well written prayer. I hope you don’t mind that I shared it with others. I did so with links to this blog and attribution to the author.

    • prolepticlife
      Dec 21 2010

      I mistyped my blog address…it is prolepticlife on wordpress


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