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March 2, 2011


The challenges of a grace-shaped community (Galatians 6)

by quaesitor

Well, we made it to the end of Galatians on Sunday night. And quite a journey it’s been. Phew!

Mark Prentice did a huge job of gathering the threads from the whole of Gal 5 the previous week, and it was left to me to do the same for Gal 6. As with so many of Paul’s letters, the last chapter can seem rather an afterthought and hotchpotch. Well, I certainly don’t think Gal 6 is either. This is his parting shot, including the words in his own hand instead of the usual dictation. FWIW, here is the talk, and the accompanying outline:

Incidentally, I’ve pulled together my various biblical tables into one place, in case it is of interest.

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  1. Mar 6 2011

    Thanks, Mark, for a really encouraging and challenging talk – with a clarifying outline! Galatians 6 is certainly a rich and humbling passage.

    • Mar 7 2011

      thanks for the encouragement Lars – Gal 6 certainly is that…


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