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May 2, 2012

A journey from Perga to the Lycus Valley

by quaesitor
At Colossae

I had one day to sightsee in Turkey last week which was fabulous. I even came back a bit sunburnt (much to the chagrin of every rain-drenched colleague on my return). Quite fun to be able to say that I got a tan at Laodicea. So here are a few photographic highlights. For the full Flickr set, click here. Having been based in Antalya (ancient Attalia) had a chance to visit Perga and Aspendos (along the coast to the east), and then travelled inland to the north west to the Lycus Valley (where Hierapolis, Laodicea and Colossae are).

First a general map and few panoramas from the trip… Click on each image for a closer view.

Golden dusk sunlight over Mountain plains

The beauty of mineral lake, Salda Gölü

The remains of  the Roman aqueduct outside Aspendos

The majesty of the Theatre at Aspendos – the world’s largest intact Greek theatre

Upper passage at Aspendos; Reconstructed remains at Laodicea


The Hierapolis City Gates (with Taurus Mountains beyond); Perga Excavations; the millennia-old Hierapolis mineral pools – overlooking Lycus Valley towards Laodicea


The Perga Hypocaust (Roman underfloor heading system); Looking towards Colossae (the grassed-over mound lower right – not excavated at all yet)


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