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August 25, 2012


Et in arcadia essemus: a visit to Wilton

by quaesitor

With both children away on camp, Rachel & I ventured out on rather a road trip from Wiltshire along the South Downs and up. Marvellous.

At the start of the week, we had a chance to visit the original Arcadia of Sir Philip Sidney’s imagination (see right for poet pic) – Wilton House near Salisbury, home of the Earls of Pembroke.

The glorious Tudor front:

The Palladian Bridge over the gentle River Nadder

Then, bizarrely, in the village is the completely incongruous Italianate Church, built in the Victorian era…

For more from the area

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  1. Brigid of Kildare
    Aug 26 2012

    beatus populus cuius talia sunt….
    oh well, next of our holidays we’ll be happy and lucky enough to see England again… 🙂
    tx for sightseeing tips!

  2. Ross Hendry
    Sep 1 2012

    What was the Earl of PEMBROKE doing living in Wiltshire?!
    (It’s rhetorical, so I don’t need an answer Mr M)
    Sincerely, a disgruntled Welsh (moderate) republican.

    • Sep 1 2012

      well, much that I hate to break the news to you, Ross, the Pembrokes (aka the Herbert family) was in fact Welsh – but in common with their Tudor overlord and divinely-appointed king, they chose to live in England… funny that


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