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December 30, 2012

Q’s Christmas Competition 2012: RESULTS

by quaesitor

At long last – after literally hours and hours of speculation, I can now at last announce the winners of the Q Christmas competition. Each of these lucky, lucky people will receive a free copy of e-Cross-Examined.

The challenge was to complete the following:

I really NEED a copy of Cross-Examined because …

  • Eddie Arthur: … I read Mark’s Gospel and I’ve been waiting 2000 years for him to write a sequel
  • Greg Melia:… I am in peril of turning into a dangerous heretic otherwise
  • Mark Woodward:… I’ve been kidnapped by aliens who are big fans of Mark Meynell, but apparently the book is out of print on their planet, so they have captured me and are demanding Cross-Examined for ransom.
  • Daniel Szczesniak:… it may be the only way for me to obtain the book with a clean conscience: as I am from the U.S., if I were to purchase it in the IVP store I am afraid my county’s Federal Reserve will out-quantitative-ease the Bank of England and render my money virtually worthless, thus ripping off the honorable IVP. That is why I need to get my copy for free

Honourable mentions to Slavko Hadzic and Andrew Finden, but both just pipped at the post.

Many congratulations one and all… have a happy 2013!

NB IVP is offering a whole load of EXCELLENT offers on all their new ebooks (significant discounts available until 31st Dec (ie ONE MORE DAY ONLY), PLUS a free copy of Tim Chester’s excellent Good News to the Poor)


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