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June 24, 2015

Double Whammy! Special GoodBookCo Deals on Wilderness and Humans!

by quaesitor

Well, you work on one book for 5 years, and another one for 5 months, and whaddaya know – they appear on the same day! Well in the UK at least. Tim, the noble overlord of the Good Book Co had asked me to contribute to their little series, Questions Christians Ask a while back. But because a big annual conference in London had the issue of human nature as its main theme, the plan was to work on getting this out in time.

And blow me, but we managed it – they arrived from the press 10 days ago, just in time for the Wilderness book launch, and the conference. So here it is: WHAT MAKES US HUMAN? We had fun making the video on the roof of All Souls – unfortunately my glasses have reactolite lenses, and so went dark in the glare! I really wouldn’t normally wear them for this kind of thing! Promise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are more photos here from the launch – all taken by the unbeatable Myriam Cawston.


But here is the REALLY good news for those who can order online through a UK site…

The Good Book Co are offering the same discounts from the evening to readers of the blog! Hurrah. Click on the images below to get to their site and use the relevant code for what you want to buy… Happy Shopping!

GB---2  OR GB---All4



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