The Black Dog (10 years on) 8: SOME LITERARY COMPANIONS…


William Nicholson wrote Shadowlands, the play (which became the film) inspired by C.S.Lewis’s extraordinary testimony A Grief Observed. In it, he gave Lewis this lovely line, one he never actually uttered, but may as well have done.

We read to know we’re not alone

After the last ten years, I find that’s true now more than ever. So I’ll tie this black dog series up with some printed companions for the cave.

van Gogh: A Novel Reader (1888)

My Top Tips

Honourable Mentions

Some other helpful perspectives

Balm and Solace

The Psalms of course stand out as a constant. But it’s interesting how often the spiritual reflections of our contemporaries really don’t seem to cut it as much as former divines when really down in the depths.