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One field, rather a lot of trees and a post-arable parable

20 years ago my parents bought a south-facing wheat-field off a local farmer. As an investment. It’s about 10 acres in beautiful rural Norfolk (here’s a view from the church tower right) So how would you invest?

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Some more Norfolk B/W experiments

We were in Norfolk again last week for half term. My parents have been instrumental in heading up the Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail since it began back in 1999. I’ll say more about one or two of the items that struck me in a future post. Read more »


In the service of his king: What Baldwin had to do for King John

My parents have been doing what we in our family call ‘rootling’ – searching through family roots, trees and provenance. They’ve been doing some digging on their area in Norfolk and suddenly came across this utterly bizarre little mediaeval detail.

It is a scan from Blomefield’s Topographical History of Norfolk published c1739 – and I can only imagine what must of gone through the learned Mr Blomefield’s mind as he recorded the annual (Christmas, no less!!) duty of Baldwin le Pettour of Hemmingston. I just love the fact that he takes the trouble to include a quote from a contemporary Latin chronicle, just in case we doubted his word: per saltum, sufflatum, et pettum).

The mind boggles about what Baldwin must have initially done to deserve such an honour; or, for that matter, what particularly provoked King John (right) to demand such a duty. Read more »


Photographic lights and shadows

It’s a bit of an in-joke in my family – but when i visit places, I tend to take more photographs of places than of people. It’s not that I don’t find people interesting. Quite the reverse in fact! It’s more that I often only take photos when I’ve a couple of hours off to wander around on my own with a camera. One of the things that I’m always intrigued by is the contrast between light and shadow – and playing around with the exposure settings to see what happens. Normally am completely hampered by lack of a steady hand and tripod at the right moments, but every now and then things come out ok.

So here are a few from a new Flickr compilation I’ve put together to bring various light and shadow moments together in one place. The first couple are from Lund in Sweden last week. I especially love it when the shadows create strange new shapes or juxtapositions – and so particularly enjoyed the way that the eves of this Swedish building (in the first picture) evoked statues’ heads, a bit like the famous Easter Island heads…


Experiments in black and white in Norfolk

We celebrated 5th November en famille early – and here was a jammy shot from above of everyone watching a rocket head out.

Yesterday we visited Langley Abbey – a family-run farm built up around a pre-Reformation Abbey, dissolved by Hank 8. There’s now a cafe and you can wander round the remaining buildings and ruins. Lovely. These shots are in the Abbot’s cellars, the second being the breathtakingly beautiful brick roof:

Then this was quite a fun shadow shot – Joshua was standing in a window, which was then reflected on a glass balcony wall:


Autumnal Clouds, Silhouettes & Reflections

Been in Norfolk for children’s half term – have had some beautiful skies. I love big skies… Here are a few…