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Friday Fun 47: Skomer Puffins

Trying to write in the wonderfully balmy sun of Pembrokeshire this week has been a struggle! But I’m not complaining. it’s been a joy to be down here, heatwave and all. But I’m particularly thankful to have got out for half a day yesterday to visit Skomer Island at last (been coming to Dale for years, but this was a first). So here is some jollity from the delightful puffins of Skomer. What fun they are… Read more »


West Wales Winds and Waves

Oh what joy to be by the sea over New Year. Here are a few happy snaps…

Especially good to have had an amazing sunset on New Year’s Day itself, after a couple of very overcast days. Just click on any of them for the rest.

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A day in the life of The Hookses

While studying and writing talks for our All Souls week away next month, I’ve been getting up out of my chair every 5-10 minutes taking photos of exactly the same view. All day. Slightly bonkers you might think – and some will wonder how I get anything done. Well, fair question I suppose. But actually I’ve got the sort of will-o’-the-wisp mind that constantly needs interaction with different things. So bizarre as it may seem, I work best when juggling different things. Read more »


Q marks the spot – Treasure Map 30 (March 2011)

Sacred Treasure

  • And while we’re on the subject of unjust leaders, Peanuts nails it as ever! (HT Nancy H)

Topical Treasure

  • The flight of a lifetime: catch this unique view of the last ever Space Shuttle launch (HT kouya):

Quirky Treasure

  • And finally, this is brilliant – clears up all possible confusions

Thinking politics: some UK General Election suggestions

At last night’s ASLP prayer gathering, I did a little slot on the General Election. It seems to me that there are number of areas that should concern a responsible vote (by no means an exhaustive list and in no particular order):

  • Justice and fairness
  • Responsible borrowing and responsible prosperity
  • Punishment of evil and wrong-doing
  • Protecting the vulnerable
  • Combating hatred and extremism
  • Good stewardship of all God’s provisions
  • Trustworthiness and integrity of candidates

A verse that should certainly underpin Christian civic duty which should inform how we vote (even if the verse’s original readers never had the privilege), beautifully summing up what it means (in Peter’s words) to be servants of God:

1 Peter 2:17

Show proper respect to everyone:

  • LOVE the brotherhood of believers
  • FEAR God
  • HONOUR the king.

Various people have coming up with election guides and the like (one or two I’ve nicked from The Simple Pastor) – but for what it’s worth, here is a little summary to help guide how to follow these principles in your vote.

Why Vote?

Voter Resources

  • BBC has loads of great stuff
  • The Power of your Vote – work out how powerful your vote is in your constituency (based on marginality, size and boundary changes). A few friends have played around with this – it’s quite fun though actually I’m not 100% convinced. If you check out the power of those in the most marginal of seats (acc to the BBC site above), it comes up with some pretty odd answers. Still, it might help you if you want to vote tactically. Mine is worth only 0.092 compared to the no 1 slot held by Arfon at 1.308!!
  • Christians and Candidates 2010 – news of various hustings that churches and Christian groups are holding in the next few weeks. It also includes a brief summary of individual MPs’ voting records on a number of a red flag issues (though some will question why some issues and not others are included).
  • The Public Whip – if you want a more thorough listing of voting records and other parliamentary stats, this is a really useful site.
  • Vote for policies not for personalities – find out who you really should be voting for.


  • Soul Politics – some very sensible and insightful stuff here…

Summer 09: Natural Abstracts Captured

Well, we’re back – and my brain is positively bulging with potential posts. I can sense the excitement you’re feeling from here.

Anyway, before getting onto some more worthy stuff, I’ve been photographically struck by a wide range of natural wonders this summer. And so reproduce a few here for your viewing pleasure.

West Dale Beach, Pembrokeshire

St Didier, Provence

Ancient Caves, Le Thon, Provence

To put this all into perspective, each stalactite takes 100 years to grow just 1 cm.

Norfolk Bonfires

And of course, last but not least…

The U2 gig at Wembley

Ok, not natural as such, but certainly (thanks to Willie Williams incredible light show) lots of abstracts… A breathtaking experience…


Q marks the spot – Treasure Map 7 (Apr 2009)

Sacred Treasure

Topical Treasure

Quirky Treasure

And finally, there’s this:

  • Telecoms in the 90s; Check out this retro (if rather slow-moving) joy – esp. note the narrator’s rather crazed gaze into the camera, and the completely wooden acting. Roll on the 90s…! (HT John Naughton)