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Less blogging, more writing

The observant will have noticed that there has been a significant slowdown in Q postings in recent weeks. There have been a number of reasons for this. Read more »


Friday Fun 42: Beware the narrowing of the circles in which you move and have your being

My mind is steeped in the mad and self-referential world of conspiracy theories at the moment, as I try to make a way through to something coherent. So this great cartoon from last week’s New Yorker nailed it for me.

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Friday Fun 37: Swotting up on the English Reformation with Sellar and Yeatman

A day late, but hey. It’ll be worth it. But whatever you do, don’t use this for your GCSE history revision. [If you have done your revision, you’ll see why]. Having read this, how will you ever be able to confuse the Reformation and the Restoration again? What’s more, whoever thought we’d need Hilary Mantel to bring this era to life?

Anyway, thought I would dedicate one or two Friday Funs to the sublime brilliance that its 1066 and All That. So let’s dive in straightaway, with Henry 6th and his 8 wives. Or was that the other way round? Read more »


Friday Fun 36: Bloggers in Therapy

Every blogger needs to feel the love. But it’s a dangerous pursuit. And sometimes, we need help to get over our hangups.

The cartoon department at The New Yorker is an ever-present help in such troubles – so for your joy, delectation and general therapy, here are some important pointers… Read more »


60-second adventures in religion

I can’t remember who told me about these, but they’re fab. The Open University Religious Studies is obviously plugging its wares – but fair enough. The results are wonderful and very useable in all kinds of places I suspect – wryly humoured animation with the added bonus is the wonderfully-suited satirical voice of David Mitchell. Read more »


Friday Fun 26: US Election Season cartoons

The last New Yorker of September was the annual cartoon edition – with some genuine chuckle-worthy moments.

Many of them pick up on the rigours and absurdities of US politics, what with the Presidential debates and elections next month, n’ all. Read more »


Friday Fun 24: More perils of modern relationships

Reliable as ever, The New Yorker Cartoon production line has produced a few corkers recently.

Couldn’t resist these. Especially the killer paisley. I’m now on high alert for this hitherto unforeseen strain. Read more »


Friday Fun 23: Hobbes knows the answer to the Meaning of Life

It speaks for itself…


Friday Fun 18: Some Essential Relationships Advice from the New Yorker

Oops – I’ve not done a Friday Fun for a couple of months. Terribly sorry, dear reader. Anyway, here are a couple of perfectly formed little numbers from recent New Yorkers – including this very week’s edition – how up to date is that?!

Anyway, I’m sure we all need a bit of help with our relationships. Here’s a little nudge in the right direction for the cause of improved male-female communication…

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Friday Fun 17: Harry Graham’s Ruthless Rhymes

Haven’t done a Friday Fun for a couple of months – oops. So thought i’d share something from a lovely Christmas present I received – a 1942 printing of Harry Graham’s 1930 classic, More Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes. It doesn’t get much darker or blasé than this. Just the ticket to keep morale up during the Blitz no doubt. Read more »


Happy Thanksgiving from the New Yorker

To all my American Friends:

Happy Thanksgiving

Thought you might enjoy this from the current edition of the New Yorker.

Have a good day!

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Friday Fun 15: Some New Yorker gems

I don’t just read the New Yorker for the cartoons… honest.

Well… they are a big part of its joy… So here are a few recent gems… I especially liked the guy who always manages to get a train-seat. I’d only add that if you want a whole carriage to yourself (even during rush hour on the London underground) just wear a dog-collar.

That’ll get them fleeing for their lives. Read more »


Friday Fun 13: Beware men with Guns and Megaphones

The US cop show has immersed us all into the clichés of American gun culture. It is one aspect of American life which most of us find hardest to comprehend (especially when it gets defended theologically by the Christian right – though if this is where you are coming from, please help us out here – I do want to understand how it can still be justified other than on purely pragmatic grounds). After all, in contrast to most police forces in the world (including across Europe), the British police do not carry guns while on normal duties. And I would argue that we are all much safer as a result. Read more »


Friday Fun 11 with Poker chips – and a blogging vacation

Well, this is a lot of fun – done by my son and nephew. It’s amazing what you can do with a camera and some poker chips when you put your mind to it. Enjoy

and that concludes Q’s service for this academic year. Off for a couple of weeks – may be the odd photo posted. But normal service will resume in September.


Fun Friday 4: If it’s all random…

The fatal flaw in the claims to a random universe…? Read more »


Signs of the times: you’re just so, like, totally conquered, man…

Here’s a couple of great, revealing, and on-the-ball cartoons from a recent New Yorker (18th April 2011). Fantastic, as ever. This time the genii responsible are Tom Cheney and Bruce Eric Kaplan. Read more »


Sorry to burst your bubble… welcome to our twittering present…

This has done the rounds a bit – but I love it… it speaks for itself…

Have tried to trace its origins and give credit where it’s due – but have been unsuccessful so far. If you know, let me know…


Smiley Romance! But doesn’t he seem a little old for her…?

Another classic from last week’s New Yorker…


So you want to be a better person…?

Just love it – by one of my favourite cartoonists, William Haefeli – from the New Yorker, Oct 2009


United Church of OMG

Somewhat irreverent (and oh, how I hate the OMG acronym) but this New Yorker cartoon did raise a smile. It amazes me when standing at the door on Sundays how many people are already thumbing away on their mobiles before leaving.

By Ed Koren, from The New Yorker (31 Jan 2011)