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Double-entendres: the problem with symbolic shortcuts

This is not a particularly profound post (which, incidentally, is not to claim that regular posts on Q are either), but having just finished Sarah Lyall’s rather delightful (if affectionately acerbic) The Anglo-Files: A Field Guide to the British, I came across this amusing story from the Blair landslide of 1997 at which a record number of women (very patronisingly described at the time as Blair’s babes) were elected to Parliament. Read more »


Friday Fun 31: The Traveller’s Life lost in translation

Never one to lose the momentum of a bandwagon, here are some more great moments from Charlie Croker’s Lost in Translation. All very silly and as I said last week, very unfair.

But quite fun nonetheless.

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Friday Fun 30: Hotel Life lost in translation

Just for a change, here are a few choice quotations from this rather fun tome, Charlie Croker’s Lost in Translation. Of course, it’s never fair to make fun of people’s mistakes in a language not their own. After all, I dread to think of all the terrible errors I’ve made when speaking French.

However, it’s a slightly different matter when it happens on official signs or notices. So here are some taken from hotels around the world.

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Curtailing outbreaks of sinning in rural churches

Last weekend was a weekend of weddings. There was a certain wedding down the road from us on Friday; we went to a lovely, small family wedding in deepest darkest Herefordshire on Saturday; and I was preaching on the GREAT wedding of Revelation 22 at All Souls on Sunday. But I’m not going to talk about any of them now.
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The joys of Ugandan English

Not quite sure how I came across this wonderful Wiki page – but for any who have ever lived or visited Uganda, or East Africa generally for that matter, it is a treasure trove. Definitely worth printing out as a precautionary measure to keep in your back pocket.

Which reminded me of some things we wrote in our monthly newsletter when we were living there… exactly 7 years ago  – simply can’t believe it was that long ago now.

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Q marks the spot – Treasure Map 30 (March 2011)

Sacred Treasure

  • And while we’re on the subject of unjust leaders, Peanuts nails it as ever! (HT Nancy H)

Topical Treasure

  • The flight of a lifetime: catch this unique view of the last ever Space Shuttle launch (HT kouya):

Quirky Treasure

  • And finally, this is brilliant – clears up all possible confusions

Prophetic motorway signs – Habakkuk 2 in summary

M6 sign wordy Hard to read, isn’t it? If it was a real motorway sign, just think of the accidents it would cause as people tried to work out what it said.

But if you could get up close and personal, you’d see that this is in fact the entire response that God gives to Habakkuk’s second complaint against him.

The reason I photoshopped this, however, was to make a point in yesterday’s sermon on the next installment of our Habakkuk. Because at the start of his response, God says (in Hab 2:2):

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

But evocatively, the NRSV puts like this:

Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so that a runner may read it.

Which is what gave me the idea. And if Habakkuk had to put a summary of this chapter on a motorway sign, I have a hunch that it might have looked a bit like this:

M6 sign TRUST


Q’s AFRICA week: 4. Fun signs and sights

Here is something a little more light-hearted. I’ve uploaded to my Flickr page a number of classic signs and sights that I’ve spotted on my african travels. Some I’ve shown before (mainly from Uganda), but I’ve added a few from the South Africa trip. Check them out the whole set after this little excerpt:






This is what we do – getting our priorities straight for 2009


Great having a brother-in-law, Jem, who’s in the same line of business. Except unlike Nestle South Africa, we don’t simply offer celestial short-stays – the deal we hold out includes the whole of eternity as part of our package.

A Very Happy New Year to all our readers!


I didn’t know John Lewis was a girl’s name

Spotted in the toy department of the Oxford St John Lewis yesterday – the wall signage is either very confusing (when there in fact 3 different women at the checkouts) or very wise lifestyle advice.