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Contributor (1&2 Samuel & Hosea) to DK Complete Bible Handbook, Author of the rest.

MJHM - DK Complete Bible Handbook MJHM Cross-Examined latimer-ntslavery MJHM - GBG Colossians  MJHM - The Resurrection


Q in Conversation

Q Conv - Jaap Q Conv - Frances Q Conv - Charlie Q Conv - Ruth Q Conv - Ruth

Q Talks Series

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Some talks from the European Leadership Forum are now online on their Forum of Christian Leaders

Radio Documentary

This is new departure and a genuine experiment! So who knows where it all might lead. But a few mates and I got together to start writing some documentaries, with a view to getting a portfolio of broadcast-able material. Anyway, the pilot programme is a 30 minute documentary on the theological significance of superheroes, called Why We Love Men In Capes. It is downloadable from iTunes for £1.29.

From the All Souls Archive

  ASLP podcast - EXTRAS

Some Apologetics

Some Bible Book Overviews

Bible Diagrams



Articles & Reviews

Here are various bits and bobs

  • PREACHING TO IMPRESS OR TO SAVE? (1Corinthians 1-2) – first given at a preaching conference in Uganda in 2004 – now posted on the Beginning With Moses website
  • THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD FOR A SIN-RAVAGED WORLD – some personal (and fairly random) reflections on some of the big debates that have been going on in the UK & USA over the last few years. Again posted on Beginning With Moses



  • KJV 400th Anniversary: This reflection was put together for BibleFresh Sunday on 6th March 2011.
  • Slavery Abolition anniversary: we put together this video montage for our church service on 25th March 2007 (200th anniversary).

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