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John Stott (1921-2011) lived a unique and well-lived life – and he has left an extraordinary and enduring legacy. After the inspiring Memorial Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 13th January 2012, it seems good to put this page together. It will be a work in progress, so please do let me know if you come across anything else to add to it. Of course, we should always engage with what anyone says and does with an open but discerning spirit. This is not the place for hagiography but an honest, humble and positively critical spirit.

Official Sites

From of the events and memorial services

An image (right) of John Stott’s gravestone in Dale Churchyard, in Pembrokeshire, very near his Welsh home, The Hookses.

John Stott’s Writing

To get hold of one of his 51 books, visit the publishers (though bear in mind that a number of the smaller studies booklets are drawn from his commentaries by others)

Biographies and Memories

John Stott Audio Online

By far and away the most extensive archive of John Stott’s preaching is on the All Souls Sermon Library (available after a simple free registration). Simply search for his name in the list of preachers – there are 100s of talks going back to the 1966. You can also search by text and date.

But two great series have been made available for all without registration:

Langham Partnership has made these talks available through their site:

Here are a number of free other resources on iTunes and elsewhere
Here are some resources for payment:
  • CMF (Christian Medical Fellowship) has made 4 talks available on CD (for £10) on Serving Christ in Medicine
  • Regent College, Vancouver has nearly 100 talks available – but only on CD  – probably worth checking that equivalent talks of any you are interested in are not available at All Souls first.

John Stott Video Online

Speaking and Teaching

Other videos

Other Stuff on Q

Critical Engagement

Here are some links to serious attempts to engage critically with the legacy:

John Stott Remembered In the Media

Some more personal reflections from various people:

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  1. Jul 23 2012

    He was a brilliant theologian. I agreed with him in all areas except one, annihilationism. Thank you for wonderful collection.


    • Jul 23 2012

      thanks for the comment, Daniel. All I’d say is that he was treated very unfairly on this issue, especially in the US. For he never completely came down for or against annihilation – and insisted that he was agnostic on the issue for exegetical reasons…

      • Jul 23 2012

        Don’t you think John was for annihilation in Essentials( co-authored with David L. Edwards. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1988) page 313-20 Mark?

  2. Jul 23 2012

    Sure, I have the book – and I do understand your concern. I certainly don’t agree with everything anyone says, and am sure that there are always flaws in every theologians output (as there are certainly in mine!!).
    But I do know that he hugely regretted that book because it was more a case of him thinking aloud – and in subsequent years, he always shied away from the subject, because he was genuinely ambivalent.
    The furore it caused simply illustrated the dangers we all have when we expect every leader to have every issue absolutely tied down into neat formulae – without allowing people time (and even extended periods) in when they can’t honestly make up their minds. It is all part (I suppose) of our soundbite culture in theology whereby X or Y is completely written off because he once said B or did F.
    I would also say about Essentials that it was an extraordinarily difficult book to be involved in. I don’t think there are many theologians (of any churchmanship) who would endure (let alone allow or be so involved in) such a robust and sustained picking at their theology and writing. It says a lot about JRWS that he allowed the whole project to go ahead.

  3. heewoo
    Jun 10 2013

    I’ve been asked to do a 1.5 hour presentation on John Stott and his legacy for the diocese of Eastern Kowloon here in HK! Thanks for these resources Mark!


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