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The Black Dog (10 Years On): THE WEEK’S LINKS IN ONE PLACE

So here are all this week’s Black Dog posts linked in one place…
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Picasso’s & Van Gogh’s self-portraits – all rolled into one

It seems that the genius who is eggman913 has done it several times (he was the one to bring 500 year’s of women in art to youtube) and I was just slow on the uptake. But here is his compilation of Picasso’s portraits (including some of his self-portraits) – which brings the points made a few days ago into even sharper relief, but also brilliantly helps the viewer to understand what was going on as he developed his cubist portraits – they seem far less alien as a result.

And for good measure, he has done the same thing for Van Gogh’s self portraits – which reveal a profoundly troubled person struggling with life, faith and death. Very powerful indeed.