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Q U2

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time.
This is the start of a a compilation of U2 related stuff. A work in progress, and will be updated from time to time.

Check these out…

(HT @U2)

This is just nuts: an infinite U2 Photo Mosaic



First up is my Wordle compilation – click on the image to get to the individual ones.



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  1. Jun 2 2009

    Hi Mark. Thanks for sending your handout from Hungary to Alistair P. I’m a massive U2 fan and I wish I’d been able to hear the whole seminar. Love the wordles! In particular I’m interested to know what you had to say about their liberal use of what most Christians would consider to be bad language? I’m not seeking to defend it, but I would like to be able to understand the apparent incongruousness. It does seem to me that this aspect of U2 is an area that many Christians point to with shrieks of horror and feigned disgust. In the big scheme of things, maybe we are all a lot guiltier of more incongruous aspects of daily living which conflict with our faith. I’m not an apologist for U2’s flaws, but get annoyed at the hypocrisy of those who shoot them down.

    I’m seeing them 3 times in the summer. Milan, Sheffield and Glasgow. Are you getting to any of the shows?

    I’ll be following your blog with interest. I blog myself and U2 inevitably crop up from time to time.

    Thanks again

    Gordon Weir (colleague of AP)

    • Jun 9 2009

      Hi Gordon
      Thanks for your comments – the bad language thing is an issue for many – and sometimes i get a bit tired of it as it seems unnecessary. But i do think that the sparing use of it in some of the songs is far from gratuitous and merely serves to make the points intended. But i touch on that in the write up of the talk i’ve done.
      We’re going to see them at Wembley – sadly can’t make more than one!


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