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To be fair, some of these links are not reviews as such – merely often reflections, recommendations or provocations from these books, movies or music. But some of them are more substantial reviews – just click on the images to see what’s what. By the way, in case it is of use, I’ve recently worked on a couple of things to help people engage with what they listen to or read (for Lars Dahle’s project Engaging Media over in Norway). Here are links to both the documents themselves (they are available on Scribd) plus some explanation of what lies behind them:

Any suggestions and emendations welcome…












Reading & Watching Lists:

Here are a few reading lists for fun, interest, to while away the hours. More will get added in time I suspect! Totally personal choices and purely a matter of prejudice, preference and subjectivity. Not suggesting you buy them on Amazon at all, either, but it seemed a cunning way of getting the lists online. To check out individual book reviews, click HERE. Otherwise go to the individual lists: Holy Books!

Being Alive in Today’s World

Those Alive in Yesterday’s World – Historical Fact & Fiction

DVDs to get one thinking or living

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  1. Jul 9 2011

    Did you say you wrote a review of Rob Bell’s book?


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