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January 3, 2009


Q marks the Spot – Treasure Map 4 (Jan 2009)

by quaesitor

Sacred Treasure

Topical Treasure

  • Romeo Dallaire commanded the UN peacekeepers in Rwanda in 1994 – his is a truly chilling story. (HT to David Kim)
  • I’ve really got into the design site Visual Culture – it consistently has fascinating stuff on it. Check out these provocative ads from a French NGO called Stop the Cycle of Pain. Compelling and powerful.
  • Bankers are bonkers – official. Here is the evidence. A care worker wanted to increase her £200 overdraft by £50 to give her some spending money for Christmas, and ended up with an overdraft of £84,480,090, while being charged only £5 a month! No wonder there’s a credit crunch.
  • Old news now, but in case you missed it, see the British Prime Minister claim to have saved the world.
  • This is a work of genius – it shows that BOTH candidates for the US presidency were nothing if not consistent during the debates:

Quirky Treasure

  • Tag Gallery is a very cool way of searching for images and photos.
  • The Godfather Photo Album – here are a few excerpts. The 1st looks gruseome until you see how they did it in the 2nd!
  • It is human nature that we are never satisfied:

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  1. Jan 3 2009

    Mark, I like the Bush article and the Matthew Paris article the other day thank you for your great blog – i have put a couple of the things from your blog on mine recently (i am very new to regular blogging). When i do this i mention it is from yours – is that the done thing to do?


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